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Paul Spurlock

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The 3 Major Shifts in Consumer Psychology That Are Occurring in Our Industry and Making it Harder to Close Business.


A Step By Step Process to Attract Qualified Prospects, Generate Leads, and Convert Them into Appointments (In Person or Virtual)


The Targeting Elements You Need to Implement in Your Marketing to Ensure You Attract QUALIFIED Prospects… (After All, You Can’t Close Them if They Aren’t Qualified to Begin With)


Advanced Positioning and Psychological Selling – How to Maintain Control of the Sales Process and Increase the Prospects Desire to Work With YOU Above Anyone Else


Paul Spurlock

Next Level Advisors

Paul D. Spurlock is one of the country's leading experts at running a highly efficient, 100% virtual/remote financial planning practice. In 2007, Paul made the decision to transition his personal practice online and began offering his services to a national clientele. After a few early years of extreme struggle and frustration, he cracked the code for closing large cases over the phone/internet, and in 2009 broke 7 figures for the first time. Paul’s average case size is $896,000 in assets, his largest annuity case from a single internet planning transaction was $4.5 million and his largest production month overall was just over $7.5 million… all done completely virtual through the phone and internet. Paul’s passion is sharing his sales approach, planning strategies, and virtual financial advisory practice model with other financial professionals.

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